Four Thirty: AM

|| 4:30 AM ||

It’s 4:30 in the morning
And you’ve just gone back to sleep
I hold you a little longer
Kiss you, and just breathe

Your eyes flutter gently
As you begin to dream
Your brother sleeps beside me
kicking me with his feet

In the dead of the night
When silence fills the air
I want to soak this up
Keep gently stroking your hair

My breasts are empty
But my heart is beyond full
And although my eyes are heavy
I wouldn’t trade this for the world

These are the secret moments
that get me through the day
The resources I pull on
when I just don’t want to play
So I lay you down
With a kiss on your head
Trying to decide
Coffee or bed

But I snuggle on down, with your brother
I hold him extra tight
I decide to relish you both
In the dark of the night


(Copyright) My Mama Musings 2016

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Much love and many thanks




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