Story Time || When Darwin broke his leg

If you don’t follow me on my other social media accounts [ Facebook, InstagramTwitter ] you may not be aware that on Saturday 30th September, Our four year old, Darwin, broke his leg. Now you might think, Oh no,that is a shame but it doesn’t exactly warrant a whole blog post. You would be right, I wouldn’t normally write a whole post about something like this, but…

First off,  this is going to be a reference piece for another post and secondly, it was quite a dramatic break. So here is what happened.



It was a normal Saturday. Meaning the boys were going stir crazy needing to get out of the house. Sean suggested going to our local pub for lunch and then he was going to take ALL FOUR BOYS to soft play and let me have a few hours to myself. As you could imagine, I pretty much bit his hand off (and not only because it was lunch time). We decided we would all walk round and the boys asked if they could take their scooters. We said yes as we couldn’t see any harm big mistake .

We let Ezra walk on the reins and every one was having a great time. Darwin kept tripping with his scooter so Sean was encouraging him to use it properly. He carried on scooting, I bent down to pick Ezra up and the next thing I saw was Sean crouching on the floor beside Darwin who was sat on the floor next to his scooter. He wasn’t crying, but he wasn’t getting up. Sean was trying to get him up, but he was having none of it. I thought he had probably bumped himself and given himself a dead leg. Sean picked him up and started walking towards the pub. Darwin was holding his thigh and screaming and really deep scream. We got by the pub and I said to Sean maybe he had pulled a Muscle. Sean said he thought he had really hurt himself and needed to go to A+E to get checked out.


Sean ran back to the house to get the car and came back and got Darwin. Whilst I sat in the pub with all the boys and got some ice, Darwin was holding his thigh and screaming at the slightest movement. I could feel his knee felt weird and I thought maybe he could have dislocated it. I honestly thought  at the very worst it was a sprain/twisted/dislocated knee. I thought he would have some calpol and be sent home with a support bandage.

The boys and I had lunch, we had Chilli Prawn Skewers, Garlic and Herb mushrooms and …I’m kidding, I’m not going to list what we ate. Typically, as we were all together when we left, I had left my phone at home charging. I had to wait till we got back to call Sean to get an update. I called. Nothing. I called again. Still nothing. I called the hospital, they were in the X-ray department. Even at this point, I did not think he could have broken it. He fell off a scooter ffs, he does this pretty much every time he uses it. Any how I thought they were just X-raying to rule out anything else (probably dislocation). I was wrong. It was broke. It was broke badly.



When Sean told me it was broke, I broke inside. I started crying, I sobbed and sobbed down the phone. It was that deep throaty sob, that completely takes you over. I had to sit down. I honestly think I was in shock. I felt awful, how could I have not known? I also felt tremendously guilty I wasn’t with him. I couldn’t imagine my little boy with a cast and hobbling about on crutches. Sean had to go. He called again a little while later. Explaining he had broken his femur, the largest bone in the body. He had just broken it, it was what they called a spiral or corkscrew break. It has snapped and twisted so the break had gone partially down the bone as well as through it.

He then told me he was expected to have to stay in hospital between 2-4 weeks. I couldn’t talk at the point. He continued to explain that they were also transferring him to a hospital the opposite side of the city. I was devastated. How had all of this come from him simply falling off his scooter. I would later learn it is called a Floor level fall break, it is most common during the ages of 1-4 years. Darwin is 4. There was scramble to get to the hospital, Sean eventually came home with the boys and I stayed the first night at the hospital with him, Sean did the majority of the 14 nights that Darwin was in.



That first night Darwin was very off. they had to give him both Morphine and Ketamine to help with the pain and cut him out of clothes and underwear. I cannot imagine what that must have been like for Sean seeing all that happen.  He was initially placed in a Thomas splint [see photo above] with a weight attached to the bottom of the splint which hung off the bottom of the bed. He stayed in hospital for 2 whole weeks, it was a very trying time on us as a family, but we got through it. He came home in a Hip Spice [see photo below]. We had no idea how he would cope, but it never hindered him, he was soon walking up and down the stairs, running round the living room and even made it onto the trampoline. Don’t Ask.



Well today, his cast was finally taken off. We still have while to go, he has lost some confidence, his skin is shot to pieces and it seems he will require nappies for a little longer. We are hoping to get him back to school, when the time is right for him. We have to be careful with him as he is susceptible to re-breaking it in the next few weeks, if that were to happen, he would have to have surgery. We are hoping we can take the next few weeks slowly and soon it will all be a distant memory that we laugh about.


There you have it ,the story of Darwin and his broken leg.


Much love and many thanks



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  1. November 15, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Crikey Cherie, I saw the pics of Darwin in his cast but there’s nothing like the full story to make you gasp and then marvel at how amazing kids are. 14 days in hospital must have been tough for all of you. Delayed shock is normal but hard to bear. E broke his arm and I felt wretched that I hadn’t been able to catch him when he fell from the sofa because I was feeding L. He conquered his fear of zip wires with his arm in a cast. Thanks for sharing your brave boys experience, wishing him well as he gets his strength back and re-establishes his routines

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