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I began writing over at  Cherrysnotmyname . That is where I discovered my love of writing and blogging. Mymamamusings is the evolution of that. Here I have free reign and own all content I post.

The sole purpose of this blog is to connect. To connect through shared experiences, thoughts and the reality of the never ending daily grind that is #parenthood.

I will be honest and truthful about my experiences and hope that this means a few of you might be sat in front of your computer screen with a drink, that isn’t Gin [I’m not adult enough or cool enough to be part of the #gingang #ginforlife squad *whispers* Iwish I was].

If I have got an alcoholic drink, its probably a fruity cider or some of the cheapest wine you can find. I have actually had wine that came in a plastic bottle classy I know, hahaha. I still watered it down with lemonade, I have a real sweet tooth and no tolerance for alcohol.

*No judgement if you drink Gin…in fact I give you major props if you do. It almost certainly means you make it onto the cool list.

Back to my point, I am hoping that some of you will be reading along nodding your head thinking…Yes…Yes….YES…finally someone who fucking gets it OR [more likely] thinking this woman is a HOT MESS, but her posts are insightful and funny as fuck* This is a lady who get me. Let’s connect.

*I make no promises any of my posts will be funny and if they are, its probably an accident

Have a mooch, feel free to check out my other social media platforms | INSTAGRAMTWITTERPINTEREST | and like I said connect, drop me an EMAIL: mymamamusingsblog@gmail.com

or leave me a comment after a post, I will respond. Pinky promise.

** Also I am going to put this out there, This is a Parenting and Lifestyle blog and I do want to have the option and opportunity to work and connect with companies to review and showcase products. However, I promise, hand on heart. I will only work with Companies/Products that I am genuinely interested in. Any reviews will be honest and unbiased. I will always say in a post if I had been compensated in any way.

So, now we’ve got the ‘business stuff‘ out of the way.

Lets be friends. – in a totally non desperate or creepy kind of way, God I hope the ‘humour’ comes through in this post.

Much love and many thanks


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