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We’re not normal || Sometimes I am not OK with that

I get to pretend.

To pretend that everything is OK. That we are all fine. Then I have a day like last Tuesday, where it just soccer punches you right in the gut. Where it takes your breath away and you can’t hide from it and you can’t pretend to be normal because it is plain to see for all in big, bold, capital letters.

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Four Thirty: AM

|| 4:30 AM || It’s 4:30 in the morning And you’ve just gone back to sleep I hold you a little longer Kiss you, and just breathe Your eyes flutter gently As you begin to dream Your brother sleeps beside…

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Repetitive Insanity

I’ve always felt like my brain didn’t work like other peoples [Is this something everyone feels?]     I am going to put both of my hands up and admit I am not a natural Housewife or Mother.  Naturally I…

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|| B R E A S T M I L K ||   You’re hot You’re bothered You seem kinda mad Desperately seeking more of the milk you just had     You seem kinda angry Having a mini fit…

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Can I be ‘That’ Mum…Again?

*I apologise in advance as this is probably going to be a self indulgent incoherent piece of drivel, but here it goes.   I have been a parent for almost nine years. I am currently starting my fourth parenting journey,…

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