|| B R E A S T M I L K ||


You’re hot

You’re bothered

You seem kinda mad

Desperately seeking more

of the milk you just had



You seem kinda angry

Having a mini fit

Digging your nails in

And frantically pulling on my tit



You’re desperately searching

For a little relief

From the white stuff that flowed

And put you at ease



I am assuming your tummy

Is starting to ache

Trapped inside the wind

Of the burp you didn’t make



I try to offer you comfort

Whilst I rub your tummy

But your  flailing and wailing

Says “It’s not working Mummy”



And I know what you want

So we try again

You’re frustrated

And you suck without end



Then that magical feeling starts in my breast

The tingling sensation

that sometimes cause tenderness

And instantly as the milk begins to flow



I feel your body release and let go

And this is the moment I can clearly see

The value of breastmilk

Past what it provides nutritionally

(Copyright) My Mama Musings 2016

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