Tales of my Motherhood || Easter Half Term Madness || Week One

⇒ For those of you that follow me on || Intsagram|| you will know that I love to write long captions. I often write whole little stories. I decided to start a hashtag, I choose a picture every week and write my musings about it here. I will post on Instagram with the hashtag #talesofmymotherhood. 


|| Easter Half Term Madness – Week One ||


Half terms are always interesting, as a stay at home parent it is always nice not having to do the school runs in the morning….YAY [if you are a working parent, then you don’t tend to get this sense of relief as it means trying to sort out childcare, often taking your kiddo’s to different family members, childminder’s or out of school clubs, I have been there before and this is no fun and normally even more stressful than regular school runs – working parent’s I salute you].

I love knowing that this element of stress has been taken away from our day, but once you are used to your child/children going to school or nursery full time, this brings about a whole other element of worry. “What the heck am I going to do with them ALL day EVERY day???” Now I am not going to lie, I used to wonder what parents meant when I heard them saying this in the past, but now I have four children. Enough said. I have four children and it is hard enough keeping them all entertained just for the weekends, but now I have sixteen daysHELP. Thankfully we have had some great weather – so far. Which means we have managed to have some time out of the house and a few hours in the garden on the trampoline. Oliver has learnt to do a kinda of flip. Exciting.

We have also had a virus pass through the house meaning there have been days when we have all been curled up on the sofa, with no one wanting to move. Darwin, was hit the worst. He had a fever/ high temperature for 6 days. He would be fine when the medicine was working, but when it started wearing off. It completely floored him. We did our best to let the virus run its course, after a few days we were unable to get a doctors appointment. I was a little worried it was more than a virus [SPOILER ALERT: I was right, Mother’s intuition??]. We went to the pharmacy to get some advice and were advised to wait another day or two and to go to the walk in centre.




The pictures above were Darwin on the way to the Pharmacy, he had a raging temperature. I threw on the first clothes I could find [He was pretty much living in just pants as home]. On the way he was in his own way [not verbally] communicating that his hair was getting in his eyes. I asked if he wanted it in a hair band and he said, Yes. Hence his little man bun. As we were walking I noticed how cool he looked. He looked [in my opinion] so cute and stylish and carefree all at once and I had to capture the moment right there and then. We have been through so much Calpol and Ibuprofen it’s a little crazy. Sean took Darwin to the walk in centre and it turned it he didn’t have virus he had an aggressive double ear infection and a throat infection to boot.  Poor little soul.


We did get to do something fun too, although Darwin had to stay home with his Dad. I got the chance to meet up with the [much more successful] fellow blogger, Hannah from Zombiie Mummy . When I was blogging over at Cherrysnotmyname, I came across Hannah’s site and I had lots of questions and she was really lovely and answered my never ending list of questions all about blogging. I also found out we don’t live to far from each other and we share a lot of the same values. I also got to watch on social media her second pregnancy and we have begun slowly forming a friendship. We tried a few times to arrange meeting up, but something always came up, this happens a lot when you have multiple children and don’t drive. Well, we finally did it. Hurray. We eventually settled on meeting at the amazing Think Tank in Birmingham City centre [A great place to take the kids, you could pretty much spend an entire day there, there is so much to see and do. Hannah bought her son A and I had 3/4 of my brood, Oliver, Zachary and Ezra. I was late, sorry Hannah and A. They were both very gracious about it.



We travelled by train which was fun for the boys. It didn’t take long for the boys to all be playing together. There were water systems with toy boats, water squirters and little cogs to turn to create currents. It was great. Hannah and I managed to get in snippets of conversations, between me herding my brood, doing trips to the toilet and feeding my hungry bunch. The boys got to operate a robot arm, that played an electric drum kit, I may have had a go too. The boys explored a huge steam engine and got to control what I think was a mini replica of the Mars Rover, unfortunately we didn’t get to go into the planetarium due to my well established poor time keeping. A controlled a really cool robot where you could make it sing/talk etc. It was a great day had by all.

We we were all having a lovely time and decided to go and explore the outside sensory/science garden. It was fab with really cool water features, lots of machinery that required exerting leg, pulley, running energy/power to create a specific reaction. Hannah and I enjoyed more conversation whilst the boys continued exploring. It was really good as though it was was busy we could see and hear the boys at all times. When it started raining we decided to go and seek shelter back in the main building. A wanted to walk across the stream and stepping stones, he was so careful and did so well. Oliver wanted a go too, he wasn’t careful and… SPLASH.



He fell in. We said our hurried goodbyes and off we went to town to go and buy towels and new clothes. But wait, there is more? On the way to town, Zachary saw a water feature, the fountains that come out of the pavement. He ran straight for it. YUP he was now soaked too. It turned out he wanted new clothes like his brother. He couldn’t have just asked. Luckily, we were able to laugh about it. It’s the funny moments like this you want remember, that’s why I wrote about it here.

We didn’t get home for hours, but we had fun and I got some lovely new towels from Next. Happy Mama, Happy Boys. We haven’t had the most adventurousness half term, but it’s been filled with family and friends and little funny moments.

♥ What have you been up to this half term? Have you managed a holiday? A BBQ? Would your children have ran into the fountain? Do you have a funny story like that? Let’s me know, leave me a comment.


Much love and many thanks 


* Hannah’s son is not called A, but this is how she likes him to be referred to on social media. I therefore edited this post to respect that.



  1. April 22, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    Was lovely to meet you finally haha and Ezra, Oliver and Zachary! We must do more things together!

    Al keeps asking me when we’ll do it again haha


    • April 22, 2017 / 10:07 pm

      Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. We had so much fun. We would love to meet up again. I hope you get to Meet Darwin next time and I get to meet Zelda.

      Bless Alexx, hope to see you all again soon xxx

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