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We all know social media is all about the hashtags. This hashtag is a way of sharing the lurve, you put #FF or #FollowFriday and list your fav peeps, so that others who haven’t known the joy of them can start to follow them too. .

I thought I would make it into a mini blog series. Each week I will suggest only one person, but I will tell you why I lurve this person. This year I want to intentionally take the time to tell these movers and shakers  how much they encourage, inspire or just make me laugh.

Everyone needs a little nudge every now and again just to be told “You’re a bit excellent you know

So, here it goes.




Incase you forgot what you look like Natasha – Imaged sourced from THEMILKSTAND.CO.UK


[This is totally going to end up being some kind of weird girl woman-crush love letter… Sorry]

Natasha, you don’t know me, but  feel like you are an old friend now. I started watching you on your |YOUTUBE| channel around a year or so ago. I loved watching your DITL [Day In The Life] videos with you and MB [Max Bailie – Natasha’s son]. I totally saw you and your little family as a cute set of little hipsters.

Natasha and Max, so bloody cute. Imaged sourced from THEMILKSTAND.CO.UK


Your home is beautiful as are you [in a non creepy/sexual way]. I love watching you and Max together, you are so cute and I love watching the joy of only having one child [I have four] and how you can give him so much attention. As I began stalking following you on |INSTAGRAM|TWITTER | and on your |BLOG] [] I began to see there was so much more to you than being a Brighton Hipster.

Creatively, I really like the way you edited your videos, the music, the effects and how you cut your scenes together, but most of all I really liked YOU . Your personality is infectious and the more of your videos I watched the more I found myself questioning certain boundaries I had placed on myself. Namely, swearing. When I first watched you I blogged over at Cherrysnotmyname and swearing was not allowed I was far too worried about offending someone.

The more I watched you and read your work, the more I realised I could say what I want…including FUCK *quickly covers mouth with hands*. So when I decided to go self hosted I thought, screw it, this time I am going to say what I want to say. So really I owe you a thank you.

I watched your videos and read your blogs and was surprised at some of the things you shared. These things were personal and painful. You shared them and you showed your personal growth. This was the point at which I stopped seeing you as a Hipster and just as a person. This was when I really began to respect you, as a women, mother and well just as you

You have inspired me in many ways. You have inspired me to not give up, to not let my past define me. To keep trucking towards my goals. You have inspired me to continue blogging with the ultimate goal to start Vlogging. I was also super inspired when I found out you were, shall we a little older than seventeen when you passed your driving test, even though I am older than you were, there is hope for me yet!

So, Thank you Natasha Bailie, for everything.

From one Mama to another.


** To those who aren’t Natasha. She is pretty awesome. Click any of the links check out her social media accounts and I am sure you will fall in love with her and her family, just like I did.

Much love and many thanks



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    • mymamamusings4
      January 14, 2017 / 8:16 am

      It’s also Bloody true! Just wanted to put it out there and share some love Mama. You’re awesome and you should know it!

      Much love and many thanks

      Cherie x

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