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We all know social media is all about the hashtags. This hashtag is a way of sharing the lurve, you put #FF or #FollowFriday and list your fav peeps, so that others who haven’t known the joy of them can start to follow them too. .

I thought I would make it into a mini blog series. Each week I will suggest only one person, but I will tell you why I lurve this person. This year I want to intentionally take the time to tell these movers and shakers  how much they encourage, inspire or just make me laugh.

Everyone needs a little nudge every now and again just to be told “You’re a bit excellent you know

So, here it goes.



I can’t remember when I started following you, I think it has been a year or two now. How the time sneaks by when you are following someone through those little Instagram squares. It is funny as I can tell the personal growth that I have been through, by the way that I view your content. When I first began looking at your images and eventually your website. I viewed it as something that I could only stand and admire from afar with a hint of jealousy.

Catherine appears to have a gentleness and strength, which I feel really come across is her images * Image sourced from Catherine_Caton on Instagram


Let me explain. My mind and life were in a constant state of chaos. My days were spent putting out all the [non literal]  mini fires that occurred. I would look at your feed, with a hint of envy and think “These images are lovely, but who really has time to take photos like that”  ” Who really lives like that” I think I was trying to make myself feel better. I had some personal demons I was working on.

Now when I view your content, I have a completely different view and experience of it. Your images and your words bring a real sense of peace to me. There is no competition [I realise there never has been]. I can’t explain how your images and words connect with something deep inside that I don’t think I had unlocked when I was first began following you.


Catherine’s Images and words create a real sense of Calm for me. * Image sourced from catherine_caton on Instagram


I love how honest your pieces are. You talk very openly and almost subtly about really important issues, such as your mental and physical health, your journey and experience of going sugar free, fostering independence in your child and also the environmental impact and implications of life. I never feel judged. I never feel you are preaching, but more so that you are starting a conversation and I or anyone else reading can participate if we feel I have something of value to add.

Catherine has recently really started focusing on her own personal style of minimalism.  She is sharing lots of images and thoughts about the whole process on both her | INSTAGRAM | and her website The Triple Triangle. It is so interesting watching her journey, compared to me I would have already considered her a minimalist, so it interesting to see all the ways she is travelling down this path too.


Catherine is sharing her personal journey towards her own version of minimalism, it is very inspiring and thought provoking *Image sourced from catherine_caton on Instagram


One of the things that I love about Catherine’s images is how she shows that you can add warmth, depth,colour and personality to your home, even with it being minimal. I adored the Christmas tree that she had last year. I felt it was so pretty and although not traditional in the sense of  it being a fake green tree or a real tree, it really looked magical.


Catherine’s magical alternative minimalist Christmas tree *Imaged sourced from catherine_caton on Instagram


Catherine is one half of the duo that run and curate the hashtag #makealistmonday over on Instagram. You will find lovely people sharing images and sharing goals/lists that they have for that day/week. Don’t worry its not just boring lists of wash dishes,clean car, put out rubbish. It beautiful imagery with well thought out words. It is a great place to meet other Instagram users and they even pick out four images that they feature on their pages. All in all its a lovely little hashtag that has grown into a lovely little community.


A selection of images from #makealistmonday *Image sourced from catherine_caton on Instagram


My favourite images by far are those that capture Catherine’s son Lucas. He has so much personality and the little videos of him are so cute and adorable. I love the image of him below as he is in some kind of contortionists position,but he seems so comfy,this image just signifies home to me.


Lucas looking comfortable in their stylish home. Catherine provides lots of inspiration. *Image sourced from catherine_caton on Instagram


** To those who don’t follow Catherine, she is pretty amazing. Click any of the links check out her social media accounts and I am sure you will fall in love with her and her charming little family, just like I did.

Let me know if you do go and check Catherine’s work out and what you think, also feel free of you have a recommendation for me to follow.


Much love and many thanks




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  1. January 29, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    Hey lovely lady. I had a read earlier and totally understood everything you wrote. I love IG and all the friendships I’ve made but I totally struggled (and still do sometimes) with the whole perfection and looking into other people ‘perfect’ lives. It’s a really tricky balance and I’ve found just being true to yourself is what works. Numbers mean nothing so I’m not afraid to unfollow if I no longer feel the worth in the feed I follow. Similarly I would rather people unfollow me that I have no connection with and my feed has no worth for them. I’m an awesome over sharer and although I want a pretty feed I also need to be me and I’m a potty mouth, over opinionated mush. I follow my own path and I know that’s a struggle for some. I struggle with real life friends and family understanding my thoughts and ‘crazy’ ideas so I find people here that have similar values to me. I love when your images pop up in my feed because you too are real and I connect with you. I hate all these bloody folk that just share pics of free stuff they got… basically they are ads and the realness has gone. (Some, but very few, still keep it real). My images have improved since using IG and my blog and I have a husband who can aid the design and I’m a clean and tidy freak so my house is usually tidy (not always clean). I’m not sure I’m explaining myself well but I’m trying to say that all the feelings you had I had too. I had those same demons but I eventually used it to push my feed in the direction I wanted and I don’t follow a formula (ie planning when to post for optimum visibility) I wing it and since I removed my notifications from popping up on my phone I’m less worried about missing content or posting every day. It’s my space and I will do what works for me. I’ve realised that I have grown and become stronger in my choices and I do what now works for me and my family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and posting on your blog. It really means a lot to me that you were able to open up and express what so many people feel. Keep being you Hun and I hope one day we will get to meet and have coffee and a hug xxxx

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