If you are going to be reading my blog I thought I had better introduce you to the other people who I’m probably going to be referring to, a lot.  So you will know who I am talking about in my witty, funny, some none might say hysterical posts.

I am

||  C H E R I E ||

I am 32 years old, I am wife to Sean and  Mama to four [boy] children. I love talking, writing, connecting and just being with people.

I love dressing my boys up in clothes that are cool and trendy, but still super kiddy friendly. I love finding little shops and brands on Instagram, I would love it more if my kids could stay clean for longer than 5 minutes.

I like trying…If I am anything, it is a trier. I like trying to be a better Wife, Mother… basically, Human. I want to be the best version of me. At the moment I am trying to minimise many areas of my life.

I like being creative and sometimes that is with the photos I take on my iPhone, or its basic arts and crafts and I love making a cheap and cheerful fancy dress costume for my boys.

I love buying the boys new clothes and trying to help them work out what their individual style is. I love a bargain, when I want to know where all my money has gone, my bank statement normally says “H&M, the local charity shops or a shop I found on Instagram”.

Well that is enough about me, let me introduce to the men in my life.

|| T H E   H U S B A N D ||

This is Sean. He is 33 years old, we have been together for 12 years and he has officially been my long suffering husband for eight years.

Sean is funny, witty and quick off the mark with his humour. He is ridiculously logical excelling at maths and science, and believe you me,  you want him on your local pub quiz team, as his general knowledge is pretty awesome.

He has this skill where he will read something once and it is like it is forever etched into his brain. He can also remember word for word what I said when we are having an argument.  Bloody Great.  He knows some wonderful and fucking weird stuff.

I often describe Sean and I as cheese and chalk, but recently I have started to think of him as the Yin to my Yang or am I the Yang to his Yin? Who knows? Who cares?

I am a social butterfly, whereas Sean loves nothing more than chilling and playing on his PS4, Watching Netflix’s or researching theories for the Masters degree he starts in september, We love each other that’s the main thing.

|| O L I V E R ||

This is Oliver he is ten. I can not comprehend that I have a ten year old. Oliver is what I call a Pre-Pre teen, we are getting the attitude, the stamping up the stairs, the back chatting and mumbling under his breath. He is a big ball of hormones, excitement, frustration and imagination rolled up and bouncing around.

Oliver reminds me, that you are always learning, always growing on your parenting journey. As he is my oldest even though he is ten we are still experiencing so many firsts… The Sex Talk… The Hormones… Puberty.  These are some of the things we are currently dealing with.

Oliver is and has always been quite a gentle soul with a real caring side. We are always complimented on what a lovely boy are very proud that he tries to see things from other perspectives.

We sometimes have to remember he is only ten years old and when he has an explosive outburst, that he is being overrun with hormones and cortisol and is unable to control himself.

We try to remember this so rather than it becoming  a battle of wills, it can be a teachable moment, where we show and guide him to make the decisions that enable him to regain control.

***I know ALL the right words to say, but if you were to walk past our house when we are having, a…..ummmm ….  ‘disagreement‘ shall we say, well it just goes to show it’s hard to put these things into practice sometimes <– I’m working on it.

||  Z A C H A R Y ||

This is Zachary, he is six and is our rainbow baby.

We had four early miscarriages between Oliver and Zachary. I won’t dress it up, we conceived Zachary when our relationship was particularly strained, but Zachary’s pregnancy and birth truly bought us all closer as  a family.

We have been on one hell of a ride parenting this little dude. Zachary has a diagnosis of being on the Autistic Spectrum and has Sensory Processing Disorder. I am sure I will be writing about these more in the future.

This has been a learning curve for us as parents ensuring all his needs are being met. Zachary has progressed more than I initially dared to dream. He has the most gorgeous smile and dispels the myth that People on the spectrum do not have emotions.

He is one of the most loving people I have ever known. His smile is infectious. Zachary is six and is in year one, he seems to get more and more fun the older he gets. He currently loves Sonic the hedgehog and Power rangers, he has a fantastic memory and can act out and repeat episodes word for word.

|| D A R W I N ||

Darwin, Darwin, Darwin. Child number three. He has the cutest smile, with the biggest dimples and the cheekiest laugh. Darwin is hard work, but boy is he worth it.

He has some ‘issues’ which are being looked at, one of them being speech delay. Although whereas a few months ago he wouldn’t really try and communicate. Now he will chat the hind legs off a donkey (he takes after me) his speech is just pretty difficult to understand.

Darwin is 4 and he is super cheeky, he loves to climb, run, jump, run, play in the water, run, read and did I mention run??? He has a lot of energy and he is fearless.

He loves playing Mario games on the Wii U and watching Pocoyo. I can’t believe he is  four and due to start school in September, he seems too small.

|| E Z R A ||

Ezra was our surprise mummy forgot to take her pill….oooopsie  baby. However I can say, he was one of the best things to happen to this family and although it sounds cliched he has completed our family.

He is at such a cute age at the moment. He is walking and attempting to climb too. He LOVES food (also takes after his me) He physically vibrates when he sees food, it is one of the funniest things I have seen. I can not wait to see how much he changes in the years to come.

If you managed to read all of that, you deserve some sort of medal. Well done and thanks for sticking with me. If you want to see more pictures of my little family and find out a little more about us then you can follow us on | INSTAGRAM | If you do follow me leave a message and say Hi.

Much love and many thanks


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