Monthly roundup || Our Favourite Five || August 2017

Here we are at the end of August already. Time is a funny old thing during the Summer holidays. It’s a bit “Wibbly wobbly timey wimey”.

The holidays always seem to drag, but once I get to the last week I am always taken aback that almost 6 weeks have passed. I always seem to wish we had a little extra time to do all things I planned, but never got round to doing.

 But alas, the six weeks have almost passed and in all honesty, I think the kids and myself included are ready for the structure school will provide again. You came to see Our Favourite Five for August, so here they are.





First up is Park Life, during the month of August we have spent quite a lot of time in parks. I have been able to go to few different parks as I can finally drive there.

The boys have loved being outside in the fresh air, the photos below are from the beautiful Sutton Park. We went to the swing park, but it was really hot and busy, so we got an ice cream and went into the cool shelter under the canopy of the forest.

This was great as it meant the boys could get messy and it meant Ezra could practice walking around too. He loved picking up all the leaves and sticks. Darwin loved running through the leaves and climbing on top of the tree stumps.


Four images in one. Showing children playing in a forest. Leaves on the ground, dirty knees, a child standing on a tree trunk eating ice cream and a tree with half its bark removed.


We have also enjoyed simply taking a ball out and playing in the huge field near another local swing park. The boys loved coming up with different games to play with the ball, other than football. They also had lots of races too. I joined in and was beaten by my 9 year old. Oh the shame.

Darwin had so much fun running around chasing all the seagulls. I have never really understood why there are so many seagulls in Birmingham, we are so far away from the sea. Also look at the size of the wild mushroom we found growing.


Four images in one. Children at a park, one heading a football, another with three children examining a giant mushroom, three boys racing and two older boys pushing their younger brother on a baby swing.


I mentioned on last months roundup read here I really wanted to take the children to Sandwell Valley Park. I had heard such great things about it, but when I got there I was blown away by the things that were available to the children for FREE. We paid £2.00 for 4hrs + parking. This was better and cheaper than any stay and play


The boys absolutely loved the sand area, it was Ezra’s first time in the sand and he really enjoyed it. The boys buried each other and the climbed, swung, ran and jumped. We also got to roll down hills, which was something I really wanted to do with them this summer. There is a funny video of me rolling down a hill on my Facebook page if you fancy a giggle.


Four pictures in one. Sand sand sand. The images show an older boy being buried in the sand My his younger siblings. There is also an picture of a younger child wearing a cap laying in the sand playing with it and a picture of a one year old standing on the sand for the first time.


I saw a quote online which read

“A child can’t bounce off the walls, if you remove the walls

– Erin Kenny


I think this pretty much sums up why I love the outdoors with four boys at home, they crave the freedom of the outside and I crave that it is a little less chaotic.




Being outside means my boys get dirty and sweaty, which means lots of baths and showers. I always like the children to have their own washing products. For the past few years we have used Childs Farm products.

Childs Farm products are derived from only natural mainly organic products, the scents are lovely and refreshing. I love these products as you can use them straight from birth and it means one bottle for all four boys. I can even use them when one of the has an eczema flare up.



One of the things I love about Child Farm products is that they competitively priced. Considering they don’t contain Parabans, SLS or artificial colours, their price point is closer to that of a standard product than that of other products with the same qualities. The range can also be easily located on the high street in places such as Waitrose, Asda and Boots.



Childs Farm do not test on animals and apart from the conditioner and hair detangling spray (which contain honey and beeswax) all products are vegan. This means they are good for your skin, good for the planet and you get a good feeling using products that leave your kids smelling great.




The pictures I am about to post are pretty shameful. There will be two types of people reading this post. Those who  are just plain disgusted and can not imagine or understand how I let my home get into the state it was in, and those who are disgusted, but have the same issues or similar struggles to me.

I am open to feedback, helpful hints and tips, but I am not open to mean, nasty comments. I am well aware that the before pictures were a literal health hazard, but I am working on it slowly. I do not  want this life anymore.

The pictures below show our dining room after two, almost three weeks of me just ignoring it and allowing it ti get worse and worse as it went from a dining room to a dumping ground. I hope you are prepared.


Four pictures in one. Two showing an extremely cluttered and messy dining room, you can't even see the dining table. Two others showing a much more minimalist, cleansed


This difference is crazy! It took me seven hours, whilst looking after the children to do this. I went through every SINGLE item, including a huge box containing over 300 photographs and 200 cards. I think I have about 150 left between the lot. I also now have some photos on display.


Four pictures in one. Lego strewn everywhere across the room, reusable bags, costumes, papers. A black unit with 25 sections over flowing. Two photos showing a clean and tidy slightly rearranged room.


I am happy to say the dining room has pretty much stayed like this since I minimised everything. It’s really easy to clean and everything has a place. I have gotten rid of so much stuff and in turn stress. I have also done our living room and it makes such a difference to my mental health. Now I just need to do the rest of the house. Wish me luck!




Sorting and organising the dining room has meant we have actually spent more time at home. It has meant we have spent more time doing things. I always find that when the children have a clear place, they are better behaved and are more likely to play using their imaginations.


The boys sat and played with their road on a roll. This was a gift they got from a very close friend last Christmas. They made signs and drew maps and played with an array of different vehicles on it. It was lovely to watch. They played really nicely together.




We had my nieces over and they had a great time all painting, even my 20 month old niece had a good go at painting. They all really enjoyed themselves. I also tried out a Pintrest hack so that Ezra could join in the fun too.


I put a few blobs of paint into a punched pocket and sellotaped around the edges then sellotaped  it onto the tray of his highchair. He liked squelching the paint and the older children were interested to see what the pattern would look like. They particularly liked the addition of the glitter paint.



I think we could have the next Jackson Pollock on our hands, what do you think?







Now I am not one for watching Boxsets/series as I just can’t make the kind of commitment it requires, I’ve got four kids and a husband for goodness sake.

So all of these amazing series…





I haven’t watched, Ok, that’s a small lie, I may of seen half an episode or two, but that would have been because the other half was watching them. We did attempt to watch House of cards together, but after 3 episodes he got fed waiting to watch episode 4 when Series 4 had been released. Oooops.

But, something happened this month and I have binged watched quite a few series AND movies. This also means I have been going to bed closer to one or two am most nights… I’m such a rockstar.

I bet you are wandering what I have been watching, or maybe not? I’m going to tell you anyway.


This is one series where I can say I have watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of EVERY SINGLE SERIES. I feel like I should win a prize. It is just such an easy show to watch, light humour, no gore and the characters end up being pretty lovable. Its great TV for when you want to watch something that doesn’t require too much from you.


Wow, well this wasn’t something I really intended to watch. I will admit the first few episodes didn’t really grab me, but after about 4 or 5 I got interested and now we are part way through the second series. I really enjoy it, its relly interesting and the characters are all really unique and interesting. The little description on Netflix doesn’t prepare you for what this is about. Worth a watch I would say.



Atypical, was always going to be an interesting watch for me and I think that would probably be true for anyone who as some one diagnosed with ASD close to them. I had heard mumblings about this on some of the autism support group forums. I wasn’t sure of what I was going to make of it. Eight episodes in and in all honesty I am still not sure, but I obviously don’t hate it. I would say have a watch and see what you think.



Now this had me hooked from the trailer. Seven sisters one identity. How would it work?? What would happen when ultimately they would get found out? This was by far the most interesting and enjoyable film I have seen in a while. It has some thought provoking themes and I think it could have worked well as a series, to allow you to get to know the individual characters more, but they did a great job with the limited time available in a film. I really recommend this if you are looking for something to watch.


So there you have it. A lengthy, picture heavy round-up of our favourite things from August. Lets hope September is just as fun.

What have you been watching? What do you recommend I watch. Are you minimising? Have you minimised, what are the pros and cons? Did you have any tips? What are your plans for September?


Much love and many thanks





  1. September 7, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    Hi Peachy and her Mommy,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am afraid to say that the dining room is currently looking a little worse for wear. Although after doing such a big clean up I know it won’t take long to straighten it out tomorrow.

    I can’t wait for the new series of BBT to start. Hopefully you will get some time soon to catch back up.

    Cherie Lewis-Quinn recently posted…Why I am not freaking out about Darwin starting schoolMy Profile

  2. September 7, 2017 / 4:01 pm

    Your before and after photos are amazing. They almost inspire me to tackle the mess going on over here. I also love The Big Bang Theory. I was once up to date on every episode but then missed some when Peachy was born. Thanks for joining #Blogstravaganza. Hope to see you again.

  3. September 2, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    What an amazing month you’ve had! The beach photos made me laugh! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  4. August 31, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    We’ve been loving parks, particularly woodland ones, too this summer. Getting outside lets you take the lid off your own head too so not just good for the kids. Equally we love indoor time too and it’s been a craftastic holiday with lots of drawing and story writing. I love your paint in a pocket ideas, will have to try that with L as he’s been a bit of a destroyer when it comes to E’s quiet time with books or drawings!
    You’ve done so well with your room tidies (and no one thinks it’s disgusting!). Messy homes = happy kids usually so don’t be too hard on yourself. And doesn’t it take an age to tidy while juggling childcare but it’s good for them to see that rooms don’t just tidy themselves!
    As for Netflix our kids account is permanently running Storybots currently :o) Our lounge is out of action at the moment so I’ve not really been watching anything but I’m saving ”Offspring” for when the sofa and telly are back in action. I have a documentary called ”Minimalism” tagged which I’m hoping will help spur me on with the decluttering. As L is getting older we’re looking at switching bedrooms so the boys can have the bigger room but it will be massive downsize for us.
    Nic@nipitinthebud recently posted…wordless wednesdayMy Profile

    • September 2, 2017 / 4:20 pm

      Hi Nic,

      Thanks for stopping by again, really appreciate it. I think as the boys are eating bigger the woodland areas are a little easier sometimes. I want to explore some more woodland type areas, I’ve heard of one not too far away that has a gruffalo statue.

      I saw the pain in a pocket such a long time ago and have never got round to trying it, it worked really well. I was surprised.

      Oh my gosh you are so right, it takes an age to clean with kids are around and for everything you get tidy they mess up in a minute. I’m looking forward to them being at school and getting some kind of schedule for myself.

      Our Kids account has seen a lot of action this holiday too, but after 9pm we turn it off ? That’s why I have been going to bed so late. I haven’t heard of storyboys or Offspring I will look out for both.

      I watched the minimalism documentary in December last year, it is so good. I’m planning a rewatch to get re motivated!!!

      When we moved house from a 2 bed to a 4 bed (sadly just renting), we had a big change in rooms, but it’s ended up with the bigger three boys in one room and Ezra is still in with us, although that may soon change. The biggest room has now been/is changing into a playroom/second living room for the kids. Not what we expected but it’s working. I hope the room change works out for you.

      Cherie x
      Cherie Lewis-Quinn recently posted…Why I am not freaking out about Darwin starting schoolMy Profile

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