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The Inspiration

It’s been half term here in Birmingham and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will know it’s been a little bumpy. Literally, Darwin fell at the park onto a concrete football pitch and has a hairline fracture in the back of his skull. Thankfully it sounds worse than it is.

This has meant we haven’t been able to go to the swing park, trampolining or to soft play. He also is unable to play football, ride a bike or use his scooter. This has resulted in a hyper four year old who is winding up his big brothers for kicks*

* I mean literal kicks

It has also resulted in a Mama, who was feeling a little more than inadequate. Scrolling through Instagram seeing families going on holidays, or having staycations, Trips out to the beach or to theme parks. In all honesty I started to feel glum. I know that isn’t why people post these things they are just revealing in the chance to have a little fun, just like I do when I get the chance.

Feeling like this got me thinking. What do my boys really crave and love at a very baseline level. When we strip away all the trips, the excitement and the cost?


Freedom. They want and need freedom. In every sense of the word. Freedom on the sense of space. Somewhere they can run and jump without reserve. Somewhere they can be as loud as they want to be. Somewhere they can go in their own direction.

They also crave freedom in the sense of choosing what to do when. My boys watch a lot of TV. However they also create their own play. They will take themselves off and play Christmas and the tooth fairy. They are both really getting into drawing and Darwin loves construction based play.

Sometimes I like to guide them to more structured play, but there really is beauty in watching them problem solve and discover all by themselves. Like when Zachary needed wrapping paper for the presents in his Christmas game and he used Toilet roll.

The Takeaway

We don’t have to always entertain them every second. We also don’t have to spend a fortune to make them happy. Sometimes it’s the simplest things, like letting them get the paints out or finally sorting that play date out is as much as they need.

Sure trips to Peppa Pig world or Disney land Paris are amazing and smaller things like swimming, soft play and cinema are lovely, but what I am getting at, is we shouldn’t feel like we are failing if we can’t do it every half term or weekend.

Sometimes we have to learn to see the beauty and the opportunities in different kinds of freedom. When we are able to take that pressure off ourselves we tend to enjoy what we have right now more. We still aspire for more adventures too, but a huge field or your back garden can provide entertainment if you use your imagination.

I hope this post makes sense. It isn’t shaming in anyway, just meant to encourage us all to find the best in our situations. Thank you for reading.

*also this is my first time creating a photo with text on the top. I hope you liked it.


Much love and many thanks




  1. February 25, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    Oh my, what a shock to hear ‘fracture’ and ‘skull’ in the same sentence! Glad he’s ok and it wasn’t worse. Sometimes a forced slower pace is exactly what we need and what they need too. What pressure we heap on ourselves to give them the best childhood when even a slow quiet day has more stimulation than our grandparents would ever have known. Take Oliver’s word for it, oh great creator of fab times :o)
    Nic@nipitinthebud recently posted…#myheartylife | 7My Profile

  2. February 24, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    This is so true.

    There seems to be so much pressure, when in fact we should just be grateful for the simpler things in life. We care so much more than the children do about these things.
    Rachel recently posted…#MyHeartyLife | 7My Profile

    • February 24, 2018 / 8:34 pm

      It’s exactly that isn’t it. I was worrying about the boys having nothing to say when they get asked at school what they did.

      We had an impromptu Chinese the other night and watched a film, Oliver had a sleepover at his best friends and he has had a sleep over here and Oliver said “This is the best half term ever”.

      Simple things!!!

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